Make Me Touch Grass

Stop Doom Scrolling and Break the Cycle

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What is Make Me Touch Grass?

Make Me Touch Grass is a minimalist webapp designed to help resist digital temptations and re-engage in your life.

We've all been there: laying in bed, scrolling for half an hour when all we wanted to do was check the weather. With so many apps fighting for your attention, sometimes you just need that extra push to get shit done.

Use Make Me Touch Grass to stop doom scrolling and do the important things you actually want to do.

Your attention is priceless. Don't scroll your life away.


Make Me Touch Grass helps you organize your activities and gives positive feedback for doing them!

Select a random activity from a category. Because sometimes you just can't make up your mind.

About the Creators

This project was created by two humans and a dog.

William Edmisten

Software Engineer

Reanna Panagides

Product Manager


Hype Dog